PICMG 2.12 Hot Swap Infrastructure Interface Implementation

The PICMG* 2.12 standard describes a process for installing and removing CompactPCI* boards without adversely affecting a running system.  The specification includes the concept of a hot swap infrastructure which is a collection of software that works with an underlying operating system to support hot swap.  This software shall support hot swap on the Linux 2.2.14 and Linux 2.4.x kernels.

The primary objective of the PICMG2.12 specification is to define standard platform interfaces for supporting CompactPCI hot swap operating systems.  This includes support for alternate implementations of the hot swap control and status register (HS_CSR).

The purpose of this project is to implement the PICMG 2.12 specification.  Currently the implementation includes a platform driver for the Ziatech* ZT5550 Hot Swap redundant system slot board and the Motorola 82XX High Availability Platforms.

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